5 Plants To Make Your Office A More Attractive Place

Do you think you need a change to your office? Are you tired of seeing always the same boring environment when you step into your office? Don’t hesitate to catch your opportunity to make your office become the best place in the world. You can transform any office in different ways.

Ideas To Change Your Office

There are many ways you can change your current office and transform it into a new place. You may, for example, get rid of the old furniture and purchase new tables, desks, chairs, and more.

Or you may want to add a wall in the middle and divide the entire space into two separate spaces for different functions like a waiting room and a front-office or a back-office and a front-office.

If you are thinking about a less invasive change without building or destroying walls and even without buying new furniture, you are probably considering plants. You got the idea – plants can make your everyday boring office look like a peaceful, fresh, welcoming place, just the ideal environment where you can deal with your clients, engage professional meetings, spend hours behind a computer screen.

office with plantsBenefits Of Plants At The Office

Many people who have to spend long hours at a computer find that having some plants around in their room can bring a lot of benefits. One of the most relevant benefits is oxygen. Plants release oxygen through their leaves and this precious gas helps your brain work more effectively for a longer time. Either you have to make researches for study, work remotely, or you simply want to relax at India-Casinos.com, having a couple of pots around improves the quality of the air inside the room. And this is especially important if you have to stay well focused on tricky games, like poker or blackjack. By luck, at India Casinos you can learn all the best tricks to improve your playing style and win more often at your favourite games.

And another significant benefit of having plants at the office is that you’ll be surrounded by natural freshness, beautiful flowers, green leaves all the time. The presence of real plants is excellent to boost your mood and create a welcoming environment for your clients.

Types Of Plants That Are Great For Offices

There are many kinds of plants for interiors, but here is a bunch of some great plants that make great additions to your office at work. And you don’t even need any large space to keep them. A small pot on your desk will be enough for these plants:

  1. Devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum)
    This is an evergreen plant with large heart-shaped leaves. It’s particularly easy to adapt to different lighting conditions, from low light levels to artificial lights. On top of its great features, the devil’s ivy is very easy to grow.
  2. Weeping fig (ficus Benjamina)Weeping fig
    It’s a very popular plant for offices. It’s versatile, it looks attractive and you can grow it individually or along with other plants in the same pot. It can grow high, which makes this plant perfect to “fill in” empty corners of your office.
  3. Bromeliads
    If you are looking for a plant that can add a touch of colour to your desk, the bromeliads are a perfect choice. Its red bloom surrounded by long green leaves is a great colourful addition to every office. Just one thing – this plant may require some extra maintenance at first to bloom, but after blooming, bromeliads require very little care.
  4. Philodendron
    This plant originates in South America and it’s one of the most popular indoor plants since ever. It has large, deep-green leaves with a glossy coating that makes this plant look really very attractive. However, its best habitat should be a low-humidity place with temperatures of 18-to-20°C.
  5. Dracaenadracaena
    If you are looking for a tough plant to keep in the office easily, the dracaena is probably the best option. This plant is one of the toughest in the category of evergreen plants. A great feature of this plant is that it eliminates pollutants in the air. What’s more – it’s also very easy to care, even a beginner with no green thumb can successfully grow a dracaena at the office.

Among the typical plants for offices, there are also succulents and cactus. These kinds of plants are available for a very low price at any garden centre, they don’t require particular care, and they grow even if you place them in a desolate corner of your office. Many variants of succulents have wonderful exotic flowers in different colours, just pick up your favourite one!


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