The National Interiorscape Network – Your First Choice as a Consulting Partner

NIN’s Experts Are Ready To Help You

As a partner or sales partner in the NIN, you can access valuable consulting services to help you improve your business. Our four associates; Dick Ott, Art Campbell, Terry Anderson and Matt Nelson, share over 100 years of experience in the interiorscape industry including; line positions, sales and sales leadership, supervisory and management, and ultimately ownership of highly successful interiorscape companies.

We are very experienced in all areas of interiorscape management and operations, and can also partner with other seasoned industry professionals with additional areas of expertise if needed. While the consulting field is filled with many choices, our associates are best equipped to serve the majority of your needs because we are your NIN business partner.

Select an area of consulting from the menu above to learn more about our services – or read about them here:

For more information email Dick Ott or Art Campbell of the NIN.

NIN’s Mission is to help you achieve constant improvement in your business practices, resulting in alternatives that:

  • Increase your profits
  • Grow the equity value of your interiorscape business
  • Continually re-energize yourself and your staff

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