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Design Service 1Not everyone can afford to have a landscape architect on staff, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to do without the professional presentations that landscape architects can provide for big jobs. As an NIN partner, you have access to a landscape architect for any of those big jobs you are trying to land.

NIN Interiorscape Design Service provides our partners and their sales and marketing professionals with expert design and illustration services to meet the needs of the demanding market. Our landscape designers and artists specialize in creating high-quality designs, imaging and renderings for our member companies.

  • It is like having a highly talented design staff, as a part of your team, without the overhead.
  • Your presentations look professional and your designs will gain the respect of your clients.
  • We’ll use photo imaging, CAD and graphic designers to make your presentations resonate with your prospects.
  • Digital format is easily emailed to your prospective buyers.


Projects can be commissioned by any one of the following options:

  1. For smaller projects you might consider just an hourly fee basis. We’ll tell you the not-to-exceed cost before we start based on $90 per hour.
  2. Priced by the job on a percentage basis—8% of proposed job revenue.
  3. Priced based on a success fee basis—6% of proposed job revenue, plus 4% of job revenue when successfully sold.

Design Services 2Call McRae Anderson, ASLA, CLP 800-524-7081 or Dick Ott, CCLP, 865-523-7472 for any additional details or to get started.

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