How to Boost the Value of Your Property

Boosting the value of your property can be great, especially if you are planning to sell. Even if you are not into selling, you can use quite a few tricks to make your house worth quite a bit more. Plan on eventually selling your house that you have probably bought “old”? Well, there is a great way to up its value. Let’s take a look at what drives true value for your real estate.

1. The Bathroom – Fix That First!

You want to make sure that your house is really worth your buyer’s money? Well, how about you fix the bathroom first. It’s not just fixing the bathroom, it’s the very layout of the bathroom as well. Many people put an unrealistic rental price on their houses and then they get disappointed when potential tenants leave incredulous at what they have seen.

Yes, on the one hand, it could be said that some people are too fussy and very hard to please, but then again people often renovate their properties without putting any thought in that, and the result is potential tenants who keep walking away from your property.

When you are fixing your bathroom to boost the value of your property, you should also consider expanding the rooms further. It’s always worth adding space or at least make your property look more spacious.

2. Location, Location, Location

The timeless adage of the property investor – it’s all about the location. This doesn’t mean that your property needs to be downtown, although this would certainly fetch you the best rents out there. The thing about location is to know when to buy and where to buy. If you know that a metro line is headed towards a certain direction of town, this means that properties there would probably fetch a good price come what may. With this in mind, you definitely want to do your due diligence and buy in places that may seem nondescript, but that promise some very solid return on investment.

Buying properties in deplorable conditions for $100,000 is worth it, as long as the foundations of the building you are purchasing are solid, you are definitely in for a good investment. A single room could cost you around $3,000 so if you have even 10 rooms to equip, that would be an additional investment of $30,000. Many people think that they cannot have a great apartment or house, but it all boils down to proper insulation, windows, and what color paint you use.

3. Add a Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool may seem as a complete and utter waste of time, but if you buy a property and want to develop it, you needn’t invest too much in your swimming pool either. Digging up the whole thing and creating the flooring and walls could take you around a week if you have time and a few friends willing to help.

This is not optimal and it probably makes more sense to have someone come and dig the swimming pool in a day or two, but if you are in no hurry and don’t mind physical work, you will definitely want to benefit from hiring a crew to dig up the swimming pool for you and have it all by yourself instead.

4. Buy in Areas that Are Worth It

You can buy a property near an important infrastructure project. It makes quite a bit of sense to try and get your property there. Understandably, you will be able to command a slightly better price on it as a result. Whether it’s a casino or an airport, you can buy smart and buy way ahead of events.

Speaking of casinos, not all casinos are major infrastructure projects as you can find quite a few online. You will find many available online venues. The latest Canadian online casino are usually some of the most amusing online properties that you can visit.

From the iSlots to the many bonuses available, there is definitely something new and exciting to pick everyday. For those of you who enjoy playing online, these solutions will definitely come in handy. We recommend you to stick with these and more suitable options that allow you to enjoy gaming from the comfort of your very own home. And remember, as long as you have bought your property smartly, its value is probably going to increase overtime.

What’s better than that? Well, selling on time. You don’t want to miss out on when the best time to sell is so make sure that your property doesn’t end up in “the bubble, “ which is usually followed by pitiful prices.

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